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Tucker’s All-Time Best Monologue Aired Last Night

Confronting the regime’s duplicity on the mostly peaceful protest by MAGA patriots on January 6th, Tucker Carlson delivered perhaps his best opening monologue last night. He called out Christopher Wray’s corrupt FBI for infiltrating conservative groups and inciting their members to commit violence, and entrapping them in terroristic schemes. He called out the regime for false reporting, and for their two-faced scare-mongering about non-existent “White supremacist” terrorism while America still reels from a year of BLM riots and the COVID lockdown terror campaign.

This monologue is one for the books. Truer words have hardly been spoken about the Stasification of the FBI, the infiltration of patriotic conservative groups by regime-hired bad actors, the truth about crime and crime statistics in America, and how the media and the federal bureaucracy have been behind the cover-up this whole time.

Give Tucker a listen and find out why Joe Biden is so afraid of truth-seeking Americans. Watch it here…

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