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TX Sheriffs Take Fight to Biden at the Border

Texas sheriffs have filed a lawsuit accusing the Biden administration of preventing federal officials from arresting or deporting criminal illegal immigrants.

The suit comes after Immigration and Customs Enforcement refused to take custody and deport illegal immigrants arrested locally due to a new Biden administration policy, including one man who had previously been deported and who had been convicted of sexual battery of a child.

Five counties and five sheriff’s departments, along with ICE employees from a national law enforcement organization, filed a complaint in the federal court of the Southern District of Texas Thursday afternoon. The complaint alleges the decision by President Joe Biden and Department of Homeland Security officials has enticed criminals to illegally immigrate to the United States, affecting local law enforcement operations and communities.

“The ICE officers involved in this case are absolutely astounded at what their superiors are asking them to do: releasing people charged with rape of a child, releasing people charged with dealing drugs and resisting arrest,” said Kris Kobach, the former Kansas secretary of state and the lead attorney for the plaintiffs, in a phone call. “These are really serious criminals, and ICE is being ordered by the political leadership of the Biden administration to turn them loose.” Read more…

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