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U.S. Gov’t’s Shocking Hire: Pro-Hamas Spokeswoman for Asylum Claims

The U.S. immigration enforcement agency hiring Nejwa Ali, who previously worked for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), has raised concerns from a conservative perspective. Ali was employed by the PLO’s U.S. delegation in 2016 and 2017, an organization expelled from the country by the Trump administration. Despite this, Ali managed to secure a position at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as an “Asylum Officer” and later moved to the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (CIS) as an “Adjudication Officer.”

What has raised alarms from a conservative viewpoint is Ali’s social media presence and her expressions of extremist views regarding Israel and Jews. She has posted inflammatory content, such as expressing support for Hamas terrorists and using offensive language against Israel. These posts intensify as she cheers the deadly attacks by Palestinian terrorists on Israel. Her allegiance to the Palestinian cause is evident, and her job involves assessing the eligibility of individuals for immigration and asylum in the United States.

The concern here is whether the DHS properly vetted Ali before hiring her, given her background and her apparent bias. The agency, in response to the situation, condemned antisemitism and violent rhetoric and claimed that USCIS employees are held to high ethical standards, including on social media. However, the conservative perspective questions why someone with Ali’s history was placed in a position to influence immigration decisions. It remains unclear whether USCIS knowingly hired her or was unaware of her previous employment and public records.

This situation also becomes significant in the context of ongoing discussions about admitting Palestinian refugees into the United States amid the Israel-Hamas conflict. Ali’s views on Israel are in opposition to the official policy of the United States, which supports Israel. From a conservative standpoint, it is crucial that the individuals responsible for assessing immigration cases hold unbiased and objective views to ensure national security and the integrity of the immigration process.

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