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Uh-Oh: Glenn Youngkin Goes RINO?

Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin says he would “entertain” certain anti-abortion legislation next year, but it is not part of his “day one” agenda. Gun rights appear to be on the back burner, too…

Youngkin was vocal about abortion and guns early in his campaign, when he was seeking the Republican nomination, then downplayed those polarizing issues after he’d won the nod and begun courting moderate suburbanites. But some conservative activists hoped – if not expected – that he would put those causes front and center again once elected.

Youngkin himself indicated that was the plan over the summer, when he was caught on video saying he couldn’t speak publicly about abortion ahead of the election for fear of alienating independents. But if he won, and Republicans took control of the House of Delegates, he said, he’d go “on offense…”

But he also said he would tackle other issues before abortion, such as lowering taxes… “funding law enforcement” and cutting back business regulations. Read more…

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