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UN Pamphlets Show Illegals How to Rig Asylum Laws

Border Hawk reporter Wid Lyman recently traveled to Acuña, Mexico, an entry point for illegal immigrants entering the United States, and discovered United Nations pamphlets among packets that instructed migrants how to make their way to the United States, then enter the the country under an often false claim of refugee status.
National File editor-in-chief Tom Pappert interviewed Wid Lyman of immigration news aggregate website Border Hawk this week, and Lyman explained that the pamphlets were found in large piles of refuse discarded by illegal immigrants as they trek toward the United States.

“Then you notice on the ground, physically, the piles of trash, waste, human waste, animal waste, I mean it’s littered all across the Rio, which is a beautiful river,” said Lyman.

“It’s all kinds of trash, it’s documents, it’s paraphernalia that they need to cross, it’s shoes, it’s clothing, and it was truly shocking [to see] the volume.” He added, “I’ve been to a lot of U.S. cities, and I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like that.” Read more…

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