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UNC Exposed Harvesting Baby Organs, Experimenting on Animals

A particularly disturbing report touched on a research effort in 2019 at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill that describes how a team of scientists created “BLT sandwich” of “humanized mice” by implanting the rodents with aborted fetal tissues.

According to a potentially disturbing report by Julie Collorafi yesterday, researchers at the University of North Carolina (UNC) Chapel Hill made a “BLT sandwich” of aborted baby organs in a 2019 “humanized mice” study.

“Ralph S. Baric and his team of researchers buried a gruesome insider joke in the 2019 scientific paper on precision mice test models conducted at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. I missed it the first few times I read the study, but a few days ago the word “sandwich” suddenly popped out at me in the section entitled “Generation of Humanized Mice,” and upon closer inspection I realized the full meaning and horror of the reference,” wrote Collarafi. Read more…

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