Update: The Texas Blue Wave Was A Ripple

Remember the so-called ‘blue wave’ that Democrats were predicting would sweep Texas last night? Turns out that was a pipe dream.

The thought was that the groundswell of Democrat voters would imperil the re-election chances of Sen. Ted Cruz. But those Democrat voters just didn’t materialize.

And it’s probably because, despite the constant controversies associated with Donald Trump, Democrats continue to move to the extreme left.

And that doesn’t sit well with Texans.

So now the midterm elections are still anybody’s ballgame.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Going into last night, the primaries in Texas had a lot of people on the Right worried. Professional Republicans have long worried that growing urbanization and an increasing Hispanic population coupled with Donald Trump’s popularity could spell trouble for the deep red state.

However, as last night came and went, it appeared that the so-called “blue wave” didn’t materialize as expected.

It is very difficult right now to see Ted Cruz losing his re-election bid. Beto O’Rourke is about as far-left as you can get in Texas, and his chances of winning the race are as good as Wendy Davis’ chances are of making a stellar comeback.

His positions are antithetical to core Texas beliefs: He favors banning guns. He is pro-abortion. He believes in increased access to government-funded healthcare. This isn’t speculation, either. This is on his campaign website.

This is why the Democrats struggle to move the ball in red states. They think that the coming Trump backlash means they should go further left, ignoring the damage that the far-left policies of the Obama Administration did to their party in 2016 – so much so that Trump landed a surprise victory and the Republicans ended up making gains in some areas they weren’t expected to.

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