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Uphold Religious Freedom: Supreme Court’s Crucial Decision Ahead

Twelve days of nonstop prayer meetings at Asbury University in Kentucky wound down this week as the school said its neighbors in Wilmore (population 6,000) were overwhelmed by traffic and other concerns. The college turned to scheduled prayer meetings this week, and the school pledged to balance spiritual needs with the task of running an institution where students come for an education.

“We believe that the continued flourishing of such a movement invites us to commission our Asbury community, visiting students, and other campus guests from across the world to neighbor-serving, God-honoring work,” Asbury President Kevin J. Brown said in a statement.
The scheduled prayer meetings wound down Thursday, the National Collegiate Day of Prayer, the school said.

Meanwhile, some are hoping “Jesus Revolution,” a film that looks back at the early 1970s movement of the same name, might spark another wave of spiritual seeking. The motion picture tells the story of Greg Laurie, who came from a dysfunctional background to find hope in Christianity. Read more…

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