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US House Passes Gun Confiscation Order

Never letting a crisis go to waste, the United States House approved a red flag gun confiscation order bill, HR 2377 on June 9, 2022 by a vote of 224-202. Of the 224 representatives who voted for this legislation, five were Republicans. They included Pennsylvania Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, Ohio Congressman Anthony Gonzalez, New York Congressman Chris Jacobs, Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger, and Michigan Congressman Fred Upton.

No compromise organization Gun Owners of America was angry about this vote. It tweeted on June 9, 2022:

“U.S. House of Reps. votes 224-202 (including 5 Republicans) to allow the government to seize your guns without Constitutionally guaranteed Due Process, simply based off anonymous ‘tips’! Gun Owners of America will fight back and stand for your rights.” Read more…

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