US Sending F-35 Fighters to Estonia for ‘Training Exercises’

The Defense Department has ordered an undetermined number of F-35 fighter jets to Amari air base in Estonia, just 160 miles from the Russia border.

The reason given for the move is for ‘several weeks of coordinated training exercises’ ahead of a permanent installation in 2020.

But the timing is uncanny given the weeklong flybys by Russian nuclear bombers of the Alaskan coastline last week.

The international military chess game as begun in what should be considered Cold War II.

Here’s more from Newsmax…

The United States is sending F-35 Lightning II fighter jets to Estonia on Tuesday for a few weeks of training, Estonia media outlet ERR reported.

An undetermined number of jets will arrive at Amari air base, located 160 miles from the Russian border, ERR reported.

The F-35s will take part in exercises with other American and allied forces aircraft, according to the report.

Though this is a temporary posting, the U.S. has announced its intention of permanently keeping F-35s in Europe starting in 2020.

The Pentagon earlier this month said it was sending the jets to Europe, but didn’t say when, the Washington Examiner reported.

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