Utah: County Mails Over 13,000 Ballots with Missing Signature Line

Over 13,000 mail-in ballots sent to voters in Sanpete County, Utah, are missing the critical area for a signature, election officials confirmed this week.

FOX 13 reports:

Mail-in ballots in Utah are required to be signed by the person who is voting before the ballot can be counted. […] According to Sanpete County Clerk Sandy Neill, the omission was an error that occurred at the printing facility. […] Voters are directed to sign the back of a perforated 2-inch by 4-inch section of their return envelope. […] The printer who made the error will soon be sending a notecard to voters with detailed instructions.

“There was no space for that anywhere,” one Sanpete County voter told FOX 13. “A lot of us are pretty worried about it. It’s nothing we have ever seen before. We have always signed on the exteriors.”

Another voter told the local news outlet: “We had all five phones ringing in the office with questions,” Neill said. “It’s a nightmare to have happen. People are concerned about elections. We’ve assured them that we have this down.” Read more…

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