Victories: The MAGA Tide Rises in the GOP

You may not have noticed, but this year has been the year of total MAGA domination in the GOP. Biden’s Leftist police state has not stopped the MAGA movement since the election integrity protest of January 6th. Hard to believe? No Republican can be elected without supporting the Wall. Second Amendment sanctuaries blossom around the country. Red states are leading the charge on election integrity and pro-life bills, and the Right transitions from complacency to action while the Left is busy “transitioning” genders. That’s not all. We’ve found a list of MAGA priorities the GOP has ready to go off the stove as Republicans prepare for statewide landslides and the public turns against BLM rioting and drag queen child predators.

From Axios:

“Republican officials are rendering an unequivocal verdict: They want to cement former President Trump’s politics and policies into the foundation of the GOP for many years to come.

Why it matters: The debate over Trump’s post-election hold on the GOP is over — it has gotten stronger since the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol.” Read more…

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