Video: Ashley Judd Headlines Obscene Women’s March With Vulgar Speech

The celebrity left continued its anti-Trump insanity this weekend at the U.S. Capitol with a star-studded line-up of looney Hollywood gliterati removing any doubt whether they’d officially lost their minds.

And then uber lefty Ashley Judd took the stage and left jaws dropping with vulgarity that would make Bill Maher blush. Warning: graphic language.

Here’s more from Redstate:

Ashley Judd crashed Michael Moore’s rant attacking new Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, at the Women’s March to recite a poem, and well it wasn’t a good look. Not that Moore didn’t need to be interrupted, he was after all bashing a woman at the Women’s March. Maybe that’s what inspired Ashley Judd’s electric performance. Judd started her one woman descent into madness, with a quick mention of a student who apparently wrote the words she interpreted. It’s something to see. Judd flips from period blood to “p*ssies are for pleasure” in one manic paragraph, while calling others vulgar. So you’re warned.

In addition to the “p*ssy” comments, Ashley Judd drops into a questionable accent. And by questionable, I mean she sounds like she is imitating a southern black grandma, and dare I say, she sounds a little racist in her delivery? Or it would deemed racist if done at an event that wasn’t a Hillary Clinton rally for grief. Reminder, then private citizen Donald Trump said “p*ssy” once in his infamous taped discussion with Billy Bush, the one that played on a loop prior to the election. This screed by Judd was yanked from both CNN and MSNBC before she finished.

Warning: Explicit Language and rampant stupidity. Watch the whole wild thing now.

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