Video: Awkward Silence After Pelosi Asked If She Met With Russians

Democrats are piling on along with the leftist media in hopes that the Sessions-Russia brouhaha will actually force the Trump administration to admit defeat.

But in their frothing at the mouth they’ve not stopped to consider the hypocrisy of their charges…that is until someone puts them on the spot.

Witness Pelosi on the spot. It gets ugly.

Here’s more from the American Mirror…

After Nancy Pelosi accused Republicans of “splitting hairs” over Jeff Sessions’ reported meetings with the Russian ambassador, she did the very same thing when she was asked a similar question.

“You’ve been in Congress a little bit and you’re in leadership, have you ever met with the Russian ambassador?” Politico reporter Jake Sherman asked Pelosi on Friday.

After an awkwardly long silence, Pelosi answered, “Not with this Russian ambassador, no,” before quickly trying to move on.

“Is it normal to meet with ambassadors?” Sherman asked.

“Yeah,” Pelosi responded.


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