Video: BLM Rioters “Can’t Wait to Lynch Whites”

Video footage from Black Lives Matter and left-wing riots in Bellevue, Washington this week shows a female agitator shrilling, “I can’t wait until black people lynch white people!” Other rioters also chime in to voice agreement with the insurrectionist, black supremacist narrative.

“I can’t wait until black people hang you!” the protester screams at an onlooker, who is caught off guard and says, “Wait, what was that? Do you want to say it again?”

“Um yeah,” the female agitator responds, taking a deep breath before bellowing, “I can’t wait until black people lynch white people!”

Several alarmed bystanders express concern over the rhetoric, with one stating, “I don’t know if anybody that’s white in your group would agree with that statement, that was weird.” Another female agitator shoots her hand up in the air and cries, “I’m white and I agree with that! I agree with that!”

Though insurrectionist anti-white rhetoric often shocks apolitical bystanders, it has consistently formed the corner of “racial justice” protest. In April, Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis told a journalist that they support “street justice” on white people so they “feel the pain and the hurt.” Read more…

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