Video: Planned Parenthood Clinic Director, ‘PP Does Not Help Women’

For decades Planned Parenthood has bamboozled millions of donors and taxpayers into believing that their primary mission is to provide ‘quality women’s health care.’

And with that claim they receive nearly a billion in cash from the feds.

But now former clinic directors are blowing open the whole charade and exposing the truth.

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Planned Parenthood and their advocates insist that butchering the unborn in the womb is only a small part of what they do. They are essential for providing quality healthcare to women, and if you oppose them, no matter your stated reason, you are anti-woman and don’t care about the well-being of the women they treat.

That’s the narrative.

It’s not the truth.

A former manager of a Texas Planned Parenthood clinic is featured in a new Live Action video, explaining just how false the narrative is.

The new video testimonial features Ramona Treviño, a former director of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic based in Sherman Texas. Treviño explains how she often felt helpless by the limited services the Planned Parenthood abortion business offers women who want legitimate health care or prenatal care as opposed to abortions.

“There was no prenatal care, there was nothing we could offer women who were pregnant,” she says.

Moreover, Treviño says the Planned Parenthood abortion business treated women in a very poor manner — doing them more as abortion customers as opposed to patients who needed care and support.

“Planned Parenthood treated women like cattle,” the abortion clinic director explained.

Apparently, she was living a sheltered life before taking that job, or she just didn’t believe.

“’You go in with the perception that Planned Parenthood is there to help women in any situation, not just when they’re wanting an abortion,’ Treviño says in the video. ‘I really went in believing we were just like a gynecologist, then you realize, as time goes by, that you’re not.’”

Founder and president of Live Action, Lila Rose, points out that the videos are doing the job of exposing the deception of Planned Parenthood, as they continue to make excuses to stay in the pockets of the taxpayers.

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