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Video: Teachers Mock and Flout CRT Bans

Another radical leftist masquerading as an educator has been exposed after she brazenly bragged about ignoring a new state law that bans teaching radical anti-American lies like Critical Race Theory (CRT).

In June, the state of Iowa passed a law – House File 802 – prohibiting subjects related to racism or sexism training and diversity and inclusion efforts at governmental agencies and entities – Including school districts and public postsecondary educational institutions. In short, CRT has been essentially outlawed from public schools.

Petra Lange, an Iowa schoolteacher at West Des Moines’ Valley High School, appeared on a zoom call to discuss “urban anti-racism education” and happily shared what she thinks is a “clever workaround” to the state’s new law with the group.

Her solution? Explain to her students, in great detail, what concepts are illegal to teach, then encourage them to ask as many questions about the subjects as possible. That way, she can discuss CRT without actually ‘teaching’ it, according to her. Read more…

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