Wait, Trump Just Endorsed Who?

There is widespread backlash growing over social media against President Trump’s potential endorsement of Bush-era operative Morgan Ortagus for the 5th Congressional seat in the state of Tennessee.

The National Pulse broke the story of how Ortagus pledged fealty to the Biden regime after the fraudulent 2020 presidential election…

Furthermore, she called her Biden-appointed successor, Ned Price, “fantastic,” telling her former colleagues that they were “in great hands.”

…Populists are enraged that Ortagus received a preemptive endorsement over Robby Starbuck, a right-wing commentator who has announced for the same Congressional seat. Starbuck has been endorsed by Sen. Rand Paul, TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk, former Trump DNI Ric Grenell, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Madison Cawthorn, and the Republicans for National Renewal. Read more…

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