Was the Outcome of the GOP Whip Race Changed by a Ballot Mixup?

As Townhall reported yesterday, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota was elected by his GOP colleagues as Majority Whip in the next Congress set to kick off in January after he defeated Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks of Indiana and Rep. Drew Ferguson of Georgia.

The election took two rounds, with Ferguson being eliminated as a result of the first ballot that saw Banks land 82 votes, Emmer with 72, and Ferguson with 71.

On the second ballot, Emmer ultimately defeated Banks 115 to 106.

But, it might not have ended that way if not for an apparent mixup by a Republican member of Congress reported by Politico on Wednesday:

Separately adding to the disarray, at least one GOP lawmaker mixed up planned votes for the first and second ballots in the highly competitive whip race, according to a senior Republican who was in the room. Read more…

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