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Was This a Fatal Hire for the Biden White House?

The Biden White House is racing into the bunker amid their classified document scandal. Joe was caught stashing sensitive materials at multiple locations, including his residence in Wilmington, Delaware. One trove was found in his garage. Some more files marked top secret were found inside the home. These files were taken when Joe was vice president and left the Obama administration. In that position, Joe couldn’t legally possess those documents. The Department of Justice appointed a special counsel to review these breaches. White House Press Secretary Karine Grey Poupon is incapable of handling questions about the crisis, which is now an all-press corps effort. It’s no longer a conservative media topic—it’s a national concern because the Democrats made it so last summer. Biden said he takes the handling of such state secrets seriously.

To complicate matters, you have a slew of Democratic Party operatives who realize that Karine can’t do the job here, suggesting that the White House appoint a designated spokesperson for all things related to this classified document circus. Read more…

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