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Watch: Andrea Mitchell Claims About Term ‘Pro-Life’

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell awkwardly stopped a live report to chastise a reporter for using the word “pro-life.”

Reporter Garrett Haake was explaining to Mitchell why Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) had voted for two so-called “anti-abortion bills” this week, despite her previously telling MSNBC that she wished her party would focus on making birth control more accessible as a way to stop abortions instead.

“She told reporters after the fact that at the end of the day, she was, as she described herself, ‘pro-life,’” Haake said of Mace. “She felt it was important to vote for these measures despite their potentially politically damaging — or politically unappealing appearance, if you will —” he continued before Mitchell cut him off.

“Garrett, let me just interrupt and say that ‘pro-life’ is a term that they — an entire group wants to use. But that’s not an accurate description,” she insisted. Read more…

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