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Watch as DeSantis’ Top Challenger Self-Destructs

Democrat Nikki Fried, who is challenging incumbent Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), is denying the explosive claim she appeared in a sex tape. Meanwhile, no one seems to know where the rumor came from.

“Ma’am thank you for clarifying but the question was about how you would allocate excess funds from the state budget,” Stephen L. Miller quipped in reply…

The original tweet, which appears in response to nothing, read: “It’s absurd that I have to dignify this, but there is no sex tape. Sorry to disappoint. Also sorry basically every successful woman has to deal with these types of rumors.”

…Plenty of the gubernatorial candidate’s followers accused DeSantis of “planting” the rumor, or said Republicans were “scared” that they’d lose the election, which is why they’d start discussing a sex tape. According to the Florida Chamber of Commerce, DeSantis maintains a significant double-digit lead over any of his Democratic challengers as of April 1. Read more…

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