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Watch: Babbling Biden Muses About 2024 Run

Asked about holding future Easter Egg hunts at the White House, President Biden babbled that he would be “pushing” out eggs in the 2024 election.

NBC “Today” weathercaster Al Roker caught up with Biden at the Easter egg hunt at the White House, where he asked Biden if he would be taking part in the Easter egg rolls after 2024.

“I’m planning on at least three or four more Easter egg rolls,” Biden boasted.
“At least three or four?” Roker pressed.

“Maybe five. Maybe six. What the hell,” Biden answered.

“Are you saying that you would be taking part in our upcoming elections?” Roker pressed.
“Well, I’ll either, I’ll either be rolling egg or uh, being the guy, you know, the guy who’s pushing them out,” Biden insisted.

Later, he added, “I’m planning on running now but we’re not prepared to announce it yet.”

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