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Watch: Biden Admits That He Fully Supports “Transitioning” Minors

A few days ago the President of the United States, inarguably the most important figure on the planet, sat down for an interview with a biological man dressed as a woman. The interviewer still has all the equipment that comes with being a man, but now says, “I’m a woman.”

One of the questions asked of President Creepy-Pants was if he supported minors transitioning through surgeries and medications. Joe didn’t hesitate.

Why, yes, he supports it. Why would anyone interfere with a minor who wants to either castrate themselves, or a girl ripping flesh off their bodies to create a phony penis? Joe Biden, the “good Catholic,” says he sees moral wrong in people who find these things to be child abuse. A child can’t get a tattoo before they are age 18, but many states are moving in the direction of allowing minors to bypass parents and permanently mutilate their bodies without a parent’s OK. Read more…

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