Watch: Biden Caught On Hot Mic Dropping F-bomb While in Florida

President Joe Biden dropped an F-bomb in a hot mic moment during a visit to hurricane-ravaged Florida on Wednesday.

The candid moment came as Biden exchanged words with Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy, who had just thanked the president for coming to the state.

The two men were shaking hands, and Biden began to say something that was not quite clear in the audio. Several Twitter sleuths suggested he said, “No one f***s with a Biden,” although the last word in particular was muffled.

Murphy replied, “Yeah, god**** right,” and laughed. Biden went on to talk about how “you can’t argue with your brothers outside the house.”

It was unclear just what the men were discussing. “It was not directed at anybody. It was just two guys talking,” Murphy told NBC News of their now-viral exchange, adding, “It didn’t faze me one bit. That’s just the way two guys talk to each other from our respective backgrounds.” Read more…

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