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Watch: Bill Maher’s Bold Question Triggers Liberal Outrage

One feels the need to explain this, but Bill Maher is not a conservative, though this segment on his show Real Time will certainly gin up accusations that he is not a proud liberal. For years, Maher has been in his own oasis, advocating his position on issues he feels passionate about, devoid of the left-wing lurch he correctly sees as illiberal. On matters like radical Islamic terrorism and freedom of speech, Maher is very much more in-line with conservatives since we know the threats posed by al-Qaeda and others and the dangers that come from curbing free speech.

Maher knows the latter all too well; he’s a comedian by trade. We all know it takes just one issue for the Left to brand you a traitor: Maher and J.K. Rowling, the latter of which is more leftist, are the poster children for this tendency within liberal circles. Read more…

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