Watch: Climate Crazies Interrupt Ted Cruz on The View

Climate change protesters interrupted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Monday during his appearance on The View.

As the senator embarked on answering questions about inflation and abortion, he was drowned out by chants coming from inside the studio.

“Cover climate now,” chanted several demonstrators.

Cruz talked through the disruption, seemingly unfazed. When the shouts didn’t die down, host Whoopi Goldberg stepped in.

“Excuse me. Excuse me, ladies. Excuse us. Let us do our job. Let us do our job. We hear what you have to say, but you got to go,” she told them.

“They weren’t even protesting you,” host Alyssa Farah Griffin laughed to Cruz.

Sunny Hostin said the interrupters were upset with the program’s coverage of climate, which she insisted is more than adequate. Read more…

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