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Watch: Doocy Leaves WH Babbling With Truth on Inflation

I’m guessing that one of the people who may be looking for another job after the midterms may be White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Let’s face it, she’s not good at her job. Some people are bad at their job, but they’re good at covering it up or sounding smooth about it. But she just is bad and isn’t very good at hiding it.

On Tuesday, Jean-Pierre had a tough time when Fox’s Peter Doocy once again presented her with some reality that blew apart the malarkey that she was trying to sell.

Doocy asked what was Joe Biden’s top domestic priority – abortion or inflation?

Jean-Pierre tried to avoid the question, saying they were both a priority; inflation was his number one “economic priority.” So, she even refused to say that it was his number-one priority, she had to insert “economic.” They can’t even be straight on what’s the priority-that tells you a lot about how they’re approaching it. Read more…

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