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Watch: Geraldo Makes a Fool of Himself on Fox With AR-15 Statement

I’m not quite sure what the purpose is for having Geraldo Rivera on Fox anymore. I was never a fan, so I have to admit I never saw a reason for him to be there. But it seems like his chief purpose there is to say something inflammatory and/or ridiculous on “The Five” and it’s all just cool with Fox.

Now, let’s face it, he’s not exactly much of a journalist, he’s been mocked for decades since his Al Capone vault disaster.

But he hasn’t learned anything at all about guns by being on Fox and pretending to be a “Republican,” while spouting nothing but Democratic mantras.

Rivera said something so dumb on “The Five” on Tuesday that he left Greg Gutfeld flabbergasted.

Rivera was attacking people who owned AR-15s, claiming it was about them acting “macho” and “look at me” to which Gutfeld said, “It’s [just] a rifle.” Read more…

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