Watch: Gov. DeSantis Crushes Challenger Charlie Crist in Debate

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis participated in Florida’s gubernatorial debate against former Governor Charlie Crist, who is running as a Democrat after having served as a Republican and as an Independent.

DeSantis pressed Crist for opposing the Parental Rights in Education Bill, which prevents the teaching of radical gender ideology to young students. DeSantis accused Crist of engaging in a culture war.

“When you opposed the parents’ rights in education bill, which prevents six, seven, and eight-year-olds from having sexuality, gender ideology injected in their curriculum,” said DeSantis. “You are the one that’s waging a culture war. I’m simply defending parents and students because it’s inappropriate to have that at elementary school, it’s inappropriate to tell a six-year-old that they were born in the wrong body, it’s inappropriate to tell an 8-year old that they may have been born a girl but maybe they’re a boy. Read more…

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