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Watch: Hysteria Begins as Reality of GOP House Majority Sets in

For three days in early January, House Republicans battled over who would be the next Speaker of the House, and for three days, the mainstream press lamented that battle. It was “embarrassing,” according to our astute teleprompter class. Further, it was proof that the GOP couldn’t govern because governance is now defined as all representatives voting in lockstep the way leadership tells them to.

Then, in a sudden shift, McCarthy offered the concessions necessary to secure the speakership. Per that agreement, votes on key conservative policies will take place, even if they are likely to fail. Normal order will return in regard to appropriations. Bills with thousands of pages won’t be released in the dead of the night, with a demand to vote on them the next day.

Sure enough, right on cue, the very same press members that were just begging Republicans to elect a Speaker and to start governing have changed their tune, and the Sunday morning shows were afire with hysteria as the reality of a GOP majority started to sink in. Read more…

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