Watch: Josh Hawley Eviscerates Merrick Garland

Not that it fazed him in the least, but AG Merrick Garland did not have a good day on Capitol Hill Wednesday. Garland was there for a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and Josh Hawley of Missouri laid into him for the FBI raid on pro-life activist Mark Houck’s home last year. In fact, Hawley took Garland apart like the engine block of a ’57 Chevy (my apologies to classic car fans out there):

According to Newsweek, Hawley also cited the FBI memo last month that tried to portray conservative Catholics who prefer the Latin Mass as potential white supremacists. The FBI later rescinded the memo but made no apologies. You can read my story about that incident here.

If Garland had not sold his soul, he might feel some shame over the fact that under his aegis, the DOJ has become nothing more than an enforcement arm of the state against people that the Inner Party has deemed “undesirable” or dangerous. Senator Mike Lee once told me how relieved he was that Garland was denied a spot on the Supreme Court. Read more…

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