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Watch: Kamala Tries to Explain Her Job… and She Fail Miserably

What exactly does Kamala Harris do all day? We know that despite being in charge of the border crisis, she’s not going there… so what is she doing? One might think that the best person to answer that question would be Kamala Harris, but alas, if you thought that, you were wrong.

During an interview with Stephen Colbert, which was only seen by a fraction of the nightly audience of Gutfeld! on Fox News, Kamala was pressed for details about her job. Referencing the Julia Louis-Dreyfus comedy Veep, he asked, “One of the themes of the show is that her character, Selina Meyer, is frustrated by the sometimes vague duties of the role. It’s a high constitutional office but does not describe what you’re supposed to be doing. Does that ring true? Like, what’s the actual role on a daily basis as you have found it?”

It was a softball question if I’ve ever seen one, but instead of swinging at the pitch and hitting it out of the park, she ran for the wrong end zone in the hopes of scoring a touchdown. Read more…

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