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Watch: Left Panics Over Trucker Convoys

The liberal media is freaking out that convoy protests are spreading over the pro-free speech social media alternative, Telegram, and calling protesters who are standing for freedom “white nationalists and antivax moms.”

Mother Jones wrote a biased hit piece on the convoy protests that have taken the world by storm, using random posts on Telegram to paint demonstrators as being part of a hate movement.

“The radicalization of parents online has been an ongoing theme throughout the pandemic, author Kiera Butler wrote. “In 2020, I wrote about the Covid and QAnon conspiracies spreading through moms’ groups.”

“More recently, parents in far-right groups have mobilized to oppose mask mandates, decry race-related teachings, and ban books they consider disturbing from schools. These groups, many of which call themselves “mama bears,” were widely credited with helping propel Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin to victory in Virginia,” Butler added. Read more…

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