Watch: Russell Brand OBLITERATES MSNBC in Hack’s Face

Russell Brand, who emerged as a genuine hero of truth-telling during the COVID-19 melodrama, appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher alongside an MSNBC hack named John Heilemann.

It didn’t go well for John.

Brand: “I have to say, it’s disingenuous to claim that the biases exhibited on Fox News are any different than the biases exhibited on MSNBC. It is difficult to suggest that these corporations operate as anything other than mouthpieces for their affiliate owners, in Black Rock and Vanguard… I’ve been on MSNBC, mate, it was propaganda. It’s nutcrackery.”

Heilemannn: “I’d like to hear a provable specific example of an MSNBC correspondent or anchor being on television saying something they knew was false and were saying behind the scenes, ‘I’m about to go out and we know that the election wasn’t stolen.’ Or something equivalent.” Read more…

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