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Watch: Teleprompter Remains Undefeated in Battle vs. Biden

Joe Biden had his latest teleprompter flub on Monday during a White House screening for the upcoming Disney show “American Born Chinese.”

“I honored a group of trailblazing artists with National Medals of Arts and Humanities.The group included groundbreaking Asian Americans like Vera Wang and Joan Shingan…” Biden began to say, as he realized he had no idea how to pronounce producer Joan Shigekawa’s name.

“Excuse me, I need to make sure I’m pronouncing that right. Shana…kuh…kowala. I think I pronounced that right.” He then joked “she can call me Joe Bidden.”

Amusingly, this isn’t even the first time this happened with the same person. Back on March 21 Biden awarded Shigekawa the National Medal of Arts, where he praised “The contribution of Joan Shi… Joan Shi… Shi… Shi…” before repeating the same joke that “You can call me Bidden.” Read more…

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