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Watch This Governor Drop the Hammer on the Left

Georgia parents will be allowed to claim an unborn child or fetus as a dependent on their taxes following the implementation of the state’s fetal heartbeat laws, which bans abortion around six weeks of pregnancy once a heartbeat is detected.

The Department of Revenue said parents that claim an unborn child or fetus on their state income taxes will receive a $3,000.00 compensation, according to WSB-TV 2.

“On individual income tax returns filed for tax year 2022, (if) a taxpayer has an unborn child with a detectable human heartbeat, the taxpayer may claim a dependent personal exemption in the amount of $3,000 for each unborn child,” according to guidance issued by Georgia Department of Revenue on Monday.

With the exception of rape and incest, all abortions are banned in the state of Georgia once a fetal heartbeat is detected. The state’s new abortion laws took effect following the United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn abortion landmark ruling Roe v. Wade, according to New York Post. Read more…

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