Watch: Tucker Shines Light on ‘Trans Regret’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out the horrific nature of the sex-change medical treatments that many children today are being pushed to undergo while little or no consideration is being given to the often monstrous life-long physical, mental, and emotional consequences inflicted on their young lives.

“Just about a decade ago, gender dysphoria was a fairly short entry in abnormal psychology textbooks. It was a condition so obscure that most people had never heard of it. That’s changed,” noted Carlson. “If you’ve got children in school you know how common that disorder has become.”

Carlson praised the CBS news show, 60 Minutes, for its recent investigation into the burgeoning sex-change industry, revealing that children who show any signs of gender dysphoria are too quickly being referred by therapists to doctors who prescribe powerful opposite-sex hormones, sometimes leading to the mutilation or permanent removal of their sex organs. Read more…

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