‘We Want God!’: Hundreds of Oregon Catholics Protest Church Restrictions

On Friday, more than 400 people gathered at Oregon’s capital, praying and rallying for the full opening of churches after the state governor imposed limits on church attendance due to COVID-19.

“We are here today to speak in one voice: Stop the religious repression. It happened in our former country, a communist and a socialist country, and it’s starting to happen here now,” said Young Tran, a refugee from Vietnam.

“We risked our life to leave the communist country, to leave the socialist system, to come here to enjoy the freedom,” continued Tran.

The Oregon Knights of Columbus planned the rally in response to Oregon governor Kate Brown’s order that churches enforce a 25-person limit, according to the Catholic News Service.

“After protests from Archbishop Alexander K. Sample and other leaders, Brown on Nov. 25 expanded church attendance to 25 percent of capacity, or 100 people, whichever is less,” reported CNS. Read more…

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