Webster’s Dictionary changes definition of ‘preference’ to match Democrats’ attack on Amy Coney Barrett

Webster’s Dictionary has changed its definition of the term preference to include the new understanding that it is “offensive” as regards “sexual preference.” This new definition was made in real time, after Senator Mazie Hirono claimed the long standing, inoffensive term, was offensive, on the Senate floor. This claim was made to discredit Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination, and for no other reason.

Taking its cue from Sen. Mazie Hirono and the many disingenuous Twitter objectors to the term “sexual preference,” as used by Judge Amy Coney Barrett during her confirmation hearings, Websters gave the public a real time glimpse into how political pressure can create a propagandist interpretation of something as basic as language itself. They didn’t need anyone to tell them to make the change, they merely made it so as to be in keeping with the newest iteration of leftist ideology.

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