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Weird: NYT Bigwigs Promote Pro-Trans “Queer Judaism”

From the NYT:

Frankie Sandmel met Elaina Marshalek in January 2017 while the two were at a retreat for Jewish activists in Berkeley, Calif. After pairing up for a get-to-know-you exercise, Ms. Marshalek, 31, said “there was definitely a spark” between her and Mx. Sandmel, who uses a gender neutral courtesy title. But before they could explore it, Mx. Sandmel, 31, returned to Chicago and Ms. Marshalek to her home in Berkeley.

Six months later, they reconnected at a Queer Talmud Camp hosted by Svara, an organization that focuses on studying Jewish texts through a queer lens. While there, the spark between them grew into a full-fledged romance…

At a reception that followed, Saul Goodman’s Klezmer Band provided entertainment for the couple and their guests, many of whom also took turns leading niguns, traditional Jewish songs that are wordless. The celebration, said Mx. Sandmel, was “very traditionally Jewish, but also extremely queer.” Read more…

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