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West Point Now Brainwashing Cadets into “Anti-Whiteness”

West Point is brainwashing cadets on the supposed evils of “whiteness” and teaching them to use critical race theory to blame white people for all problems in society, newly released Department of Defense documents reveal…

It came out in February that since taking office, the Biden regime forced the military to spend nearly six million man-hours on wokeness/diversity training.

Last year, Biden-appointed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin partnered with the Anti-Defamation League, an anti-American extremist group that’s teaching millions of schoolchildren across America that only white people can be racist, to spy on and purge the military of so-called “extremists” and hold troops “accountable” for “liking” so-called “extremist” views on social media.

At the same time that our military was declaring war on “whiteness,” they made sex change operations free for all servicemembers and veterans. Read more…

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