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What Does Liberal “Democracy” Mean, Anyway?

Remember all the wailing when Donald Trump won in 2016? People were literally screeching in the streets. “Trump isn’t the president — he’s illegitimate!”

They kept this lie up for four whole years. They made that lie the focal point of their mission to paralyze actual democratic government, using any means necessary — from unelected judges to unelected spies — to get their way, and all in the name of democracy…

They’re joined on this list by every single person who ever attended a Tea Party rally, and the 74 million Americans who voted against democracy in the last election. In fact, it might be that a majority of Americans voted against democracy last year, but good luck finding the full truth: It’s only OK to question elections when the “democracy” loses.

But it’s not just democracy, of course; for the left, it’s any system. Take schools: Our generation churns out multiple generations of graduates unprepared for work and incapable of functional literacy. So is the system broken? Not at all. That system is only broken if the students come out conservative or religious, or if parents are given any semblance of choice about what their children learn. If any of those things happened, that would be un-American. Probably anti-democratic too. Read more…

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