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What Kind of Britain Does Elizabeth II Leave Behind?

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has died after a reign of seventy years and two hundred and fourteen days. Elizabeth was the longest-reigning monarch in British history, and the second-longest sovereign monarch of any country for which there is reliable historical evidence.

As the quintessential constitutional monarch, Elizabeth hid her opinions on everything and never dabbled in public issues. Above all, she was a symbol of the United Kingdom and the former Empire. So let us spare a moment to think about the symbolism of her death: just as Europe itself is slipping into an economic, geopolitical, and demographic catastrophe wholly of its own making, it has lost its last living link to the greater Europe that once was…

If anything can sum up the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, it is this: Twitter creatures moaning that a crowd in London mourning its dead monarch, is “too white,” joined by affirmative-action hires twerking on the ruins of a civilization they could never build or even maintain.

Queen Elizabeth’s reign wasn’t simply about the end of the British Empire. It was about the British people going from conquerors to conquered. Read more…

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