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What’s Next After Governor Noem Bows to the Trans Agenda

Last week we reported on the Governor of South Dakota, and the pressure she was put under to bow to the Rainbow Crusade and withdraw her support for a bill protecting women’s sports and bathrooms from trans-sexuals. This fight is now similar to Mike Pence’s fight for religious liberty in Indiana in two ways: the business lobbies sided with the Left to blackmail the state, and the governor bowed under the pressure. Kristi Noem has rewritten the entire bill, and the Alliance Defending Freedom, one of the premier religious liberty nonprofits in America, has some words to say about what it all means. Let’s pay close attention.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) issued a press release exposing Noem for surrendering to LGBT insanity in female athletics.

“Today, Gov. Noem proposed changes to House Bill 1217 that would eliminate protections for female college athletes outright and gut the ability for all women and girls to have recourse against unfair policies in women’s sports,” wrote ADF General Counsel Kristen Waggoner.

“Her misguided attempt to play politics and placate national corporate interests like Amazon is not what we would have expected from this governor. It’s surprising that Gov. Noem, who once stood up to special interests and corporate woke-ism, has now bowed to them,” she continued.

“Contrary to what she has been told, this bill doesn’t conflict with any national sports policy and is fully consistent with the intent of Title IX. Offering some protection for high-school-girl athletes only delays the injustice they will face once they get to college. We call on the governor to withdraw her recommended changes and sign the bill passed by the legislature,” Waggoner added. Read more…

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