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What’s Really Behind the War in Ukraine, Anyway?

You’d think people would be subtle about things like imposing a New World Order, but the globalists seem excited to share and inflict their opinions on the world. They are no longer hiding it; they are proud of it. They obviously believe the public is ready for a one-world government. And believe it or not, they are rather open about using the Russia-Ukraine conflict to bring it about. Today I will be diving into conversations at the World Government Summit 2022 and the alarming projections this meeting will have on our lives.

The World Government Summit 2022 was held in Dubai March 29-30, 2022, and featured a number of panels and speeches that discussed economics, aviation, and digital currency. All of these topics were related to the situation in Russia and Ukraine. As each talk unfolded, the concept of a New World Order emerged as the dominant theme. This conference is full of the people behind the curtain, the movers and shakers that guide world leaders….

According to these globalists, China – the same nation that is engaged in genocide of the Uyghurs, that has enforced a one child policy with torture and forced abortion for mothers who dared to have a second child, that bulldozes Christian churches – these globalists see China as an ideal example of a peaceful country growing and cooperating with the world order and playing by its rules, while Russia which has at least promoted the growth of the Orthodox Church and some policies favoring life and family is the opposite. Read more…

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