Where Are Our Conservative Justices?

The Supreme Court of the United States has rejected another plea from religious Americans to restore their right to free exercise of religion, this time concerning a Christian florist in Richmond, Washington.

For years, Barronelle Stutzman, the Christian proprietor of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, has been forced into court for refusing to provide flowers for a customer’s same-sex “wedding” ceremony. She had previously served the customer’s every other request for years, and has employed homosexual workers, but her Christian faith compelled her to draw a distinction between serving all individuals and lending her artistic endorsement to celebrations of homosexuality.

The Washington Supreme Court ruled in 2017 that the government may force Christians to serve same-sex “weddings,” a decision the U.S. Supreme Court vacated in 2018, with directions that the lower court consider the case again in light of SCOTUS’s then-recent ruling in favor of Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips (which did not end the similar attacks on Phillips). Read more…

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