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While America’s in Freefall, Biden Does This

U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services (HHS) Xavier Becerra delivered a half a million dollars to a Planned Parenthood facility in New Hampshire this month, telling the abortionists that the Biden administration has “got your back.”

WMUR reports that Becerra made the visit on March 4 to deliver a “dire need” grant of $500,000 to the facility, which commits abortions onsite, under the federal Title X “family planning” program. The grant was ostensibly awarded to make up for state taxpayer dollars previously denied to the facility by the New Hampshire Executive Council.

“We’ve got your back,” Becerra declared. “And there have been some challenging times. I don’t think they’re over, but you hung in there, and we hope to make a commitment to you that we’re not going to leave.” Read more…

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