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While Communist China Licks Her Chops, Biden Lets the Navy Rot

A Controlled Demolition of American Military Might

Former President Donald Trump has been rightly credited with rebuilding the U.S. military after years of abuse and underfunding during the preceding regime of Barack Obama.

Trump is also credited with pushing back on the encroaching politically correct wokeness such as banning transgenders from entering the military.

He didn’t do that because he’s a “homophobe” or a “bigot;” he did it because his judgment told him that transgendered troops would not only be a major distraction to the vast majority of other serving members, but they would present medical, logistical and leadership challenges as well.

They would be disruptive to military service, in other words, not conducive to it or serve in a way that would improve the military’s readiness.

But even before he left office, woke PC forces deep within the Pentagon’s deep state were nevertheless working to undermine him anyway, and now that he’s gone, their agenda is being revealed under a Biden regime that is only too happy to re-PC the military for a few more votes. Read more…

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