White House Leakers IDed, Trump Poised to Fire ‘Multiple Staffers’

A report emerged yesterday that claims President Trump has identified the sources of the rampant leaks that have been coming from the White House which have added fuel to the fire of controversy.

According to the sources, three White House staffers have been tagged for imminent firing by Trump immediately upon his return from the Middle East.

Reportedly it will play out not unlike an episode from The Apprentice in which Trump will clean house ahead of the ongoing investigation by the DOJ’s independent prosecutor.

Here’s more from the American Mirror…

President Trump is expected to deploy his signature catchphrase from “The Apprentice” when he returns from a tour of the Middle East and Europe that runs through this week.

Sources in the White House told One America News Network that Trump will tell multiple staffers who allegedly leaked classified information that “you’re fired” and could pursue criminal charges against them for putting Americans at risk.

“A source here at the White House told me that three people have been identified as leaking classified information,” OAN’s Trey Yingst said in a live broadcast reposted to YouTube Monday. “This has been a major issue for the Trump administration since President Trump came into office on Jan. 20., inauguration day, here in Washington, D.C.

“One of the sources I spoke with today is telling me this is criminal, people could go to jail. That source went on to say that this is dangerous and terrible.”

Multiple sources told OAN Trump is “extremely concerned” about a leak last week pertaining to information about Syrian radicals potentially using laptop bombs on commercial airliners – a method that could be used to target the United States.

“It was leaked to the media. It was leaked from a classified format and that is one of the many leaks that has come out of this White House in the past few weeks that has been a major concern to President Trump,” Yingst said.

Yingst explained the process for the upcoming terminations.

“The Office of Government Ethics has received information from the White House about these three staffers who have been identified for leaking classified information. There is then a process the Government Ethics office will have to follow,” he said.

“They will then come back to the White House and then the president will be able to make that final decision to fire those staffers.”

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